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Qualified Nutrition ©

Peter James Bell

BSc Nutritional Sciences (Hons)

MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition

English Institute of Sport Performance Nutrition Intern

Competitive Bodybuilder

With so many people wasting their precious time, money and health on generic diet plans that they found online or in a magazine, we feel it's time to offer something different! 

There is an approximated 90% failure rate of losing body fat and keeping it off following a hypocaloric diet. In fact, most people will even gain a few extra pounds more than before they started! Why?

Unsustainable, uneducated, low-calorie diets that ignore the individuals needs!  

Qualified Nutrition is here to provide you with a scientific research based approach to nutrition and training to manipulate body composition, improve performance and optimise health. Our coaching is designed to develop a healthy relationship with food, one that is sustainable so both short and long-term results are achieved. 

One-one-one coaching specifically designed to help you achieve your goals together. Take a look at the different options available! 

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