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Become Qualified Nutrition Certified: Understand the Science, Systems and Software Used to Succeed as a Nutritionist.

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course curriculum

1. Welcome to the Qualified Nutrition Certification

2. Introduction to Nutrition

3. Energy Systems

4. Energy Balance

5. The Science of Fat

6. Fat & Performance 

7. The Science of Carbohydrate

8. Carbohydrate & Performance

9. The Science of Protein

10. Protein Recommendations

11. The Science of Hydration

12. Hydration & Performance

13. Supplements & Ergogenic Aids

14. Vitamins & Minerals

15. Trending Diets

16. Weight Management

17. Making Weight in Combat Sport

18. Case Studies

19. Understanding The Research

20. Client Applications & Consultations

21. Creating Nutrition Plans & Tracking Progress

22. Final Assessment

23. Congratulations
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In-Depth Nutrition Knowledge & Practical Application

Learn Remotely Online At Your Own Pace

Qualified Nutrition Certified Upon Completion



I've found the course to be extremely informative & engaging, it really helps that you constantly apply examples when teaching the lessons. 
It's refreshing that I'm about to work the course around my home life and job, the portal and layout is really easy to follow. As for Pete, he's very supportive and it's clear he genuinely love helping people. Apply a human element is extremely helpful!

Olly Proudlove

So far in this course I have gained such vast knowledge of the human body and how we are affected by what we put in our bodies, it has such a vital impact on our output whether that be going about day to day life, or when we are training.
It's a great credit to Pete how simply he has put this across in the course in what is a very scientific and complex subject to someone like me who has no previous background or foreknowledge in nutrition. 
I would definitely push people to enrol in this course as it has so much more to offer than just knowledge. There is so much potential to do great things once certified.

JJ Bailey

I recently enrolled on the course and it's honestly been transformative. The content is comprehensive yet easy to understand, even for someone like me with little background in nutrition. The course has equipped me with the knowledge and skills to make informed decisions about my own diet and performance, as well as helping others with theirs.
I especially appreciated the practical tips and real-life applications used. Pete's teaching style is engaging and motivating. I highly recommend this certification to anyone looking to enhance their understanding of nutrition. It's a truly valuable investment.
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