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– Professional Boxer

I began working with Pete 2 months before my English Title Fight at Super Lightweight, as I knew I was at the point in my career where I had to get the experts in to ensure I got in the best shape of my life.

I can't believe how far I have come in the few months following the guidance of Qualified Nutrition, I was able to make fight weight in such a way that I didn’t even feel it. It was all personalised and tailored to me, I absolutely loved it. The help was always seconds away and the frequent communication with Pete kept me fully focussed.

-Pro cyclist
Movistar Pro cycling team

Since working with Charlie at QN my performance in training and racing has become incredibly consistent. I started working with Charlie with the mind to lean me out as power to weight ratio in road cycling is so important. What I didn’t expect was that I would be eating more than ever but still losing weight! Charlie has tailored my nutritional plan to my day to day training program, no day is ever the same so getting the correct amounts is crucial for hitting those performance targets and then recovering properly. My preparation for competition has also been fascinating, and yet so easy as Charlie’s help has taken all the doubt and questions of “have I eaten enough/have I overeaten?” so I am confident that all I need to focus on is the bike race itself. I really feel we have only just scratched the surface, once competitions are back on, I am excited to see what can be achieved!

– Professional MMA Fighter

Before working with Qualified Nutrition, I had been taking care of my own nutrition. However, I always felt like I had gaps in my knowledge, and it was starting to show. After some poor performances in my early pro career that I felt were to due to bad weight cuts, I was in need of professional help. It was after my second Cage Warriors fight that I won via triangle (only just due to poor a hydration strategy) that I began working with Pete at Qualified Nutrition. Initially, we had a few video calls that were really useful in terms of helping me understand where I was going wrong. It allowed me to fill in the gaps and understand how my nutrition may have led to bad performances. After our initial consultation, I was provided with a personalised nutrition plan designed to reduce my weight slightly so I wouldn't have to cut as much as I had been during the weight-cut. After only a couple of weeks, I started to notice significant improvements in my performance whilst maintaining at a slightly lower weight. Then with excellent communication and planning I was able to cut the weight and rehydrate efficiently to put on a great performance and win my most recent fight on Cage Warriors Manchester. With the weight-cut and recovery strategy in place, I was able to avoid the negative side effects of cutting too much weight and deliver a top performance. With the support of Qualified Nutrition, I no longer have to ‘crash diet’ and I enjoy all the foods I consume throughout my everyday life to support my training.

– Pro-cyclists
(Ribble Weldtite pro cycling)

At the moment in time I'm making a progression through a sport and want to harness every second I have. I wholly believe that nutrition plays a huge part in an athlete reaching their potential. I approached Charlie at Qualified Nutrition with two things in mind, one can the vegan diet work for me and two can I lose weight whilst improving my power on the bike. Charlie has done a huge amount of research on the vegan diet, being his first vegan athlete, and has really provided that platform to make it work for me personally. Since working together, I have increased my functional threshold power and have lost around 10kg in around 6 months. What I enjoy the most about their service is the high level of scrutiny and professionalism they offer, this ranges from day to day nutritional advice to weekly video check ins. Charlie not only shows an intense interest into my diet he has also become a good friend, I would recommend this service to any athlete wanting to achieve their best. 

– Professional Boxer

It’s not been fair on Pete at Qualified Nutrition to say the least. We started working together last year ahead of a 2-year layoff,

4 stone overweight and physically and mentally not there. Sometimes nutritionists get a fighter who just need a few tweaks here or there, but I needed so much more! Pete delivered! His crazy work ethic and passion puts him above the rest for me, he’s not only great to work with professionally on the nutrition side of things, but he also became a close friend who helps to keep you on track in all aspects of your life. A question or call at any time of the day is never too much, in-fact, he enjoys waking up to a barrage of questions so he can answer them and educate you! Sometimes I feel like I’ve took advantage of Pete’s good nature and pure passion to help fighters like myself but there’s a reason he’s always the guy I rely on, simply put, he’s that good! I look forward to having Pete by my side most importantly throughout my fighting career, but also after as a friend and I’ll get a lot of joy seeing him become one of the best combat nutritionists in the country.   

– Ex Great Britain Cycling Team Rider,    previous National Track Champion &  Current National Track Tandem Pursuit  Silver Medallist
 (pilot for Chris Mc Donald)

I have been working with Charlie for around 12 months now. As someone who has previously really struggled with their weight as junior and under 23 rider on the Great Britain Cycling Team, I had resided to the fact that maybe my genetics would unfortunately not be in my favour. After a few years away from the sport of cycling and leaving elite level racing behind I put on some extra pounds which were definitely a hinderance when I decided I wanted to race again around my full-time job. I immediately reached out to Charlie and Qualified Nutrition to make sure my fat loss was overseen by a professional and not the typical extreme yo-yo dieting I had become accustomed to in the past. The main benefit of working with QN is how sustainable my nutrition has become and how flexible the advice and plans are around your requirements and goals. The biggest surprise for me, is how much food (in particular carbs) I can actually eat around and during my training. All whilst losing fat sustainably, getting stronger on the bike and holding down a full-time job. I only wish I had Charlie and QN on my team when I was a young racer! If you are serious about making life long nutritional lifestyle changes, then I would certainly speak to the guys at QN to see how they can help you.

- Professional Boxer

I started working with Pete at QN over 4 years ago now and I can honestly not recommend him any more to individuals looking to optimise their performance in sport, especially fighters that look to do this while making a specific weight for competition.I personally compete in amateur boxing with same day weigh-ins – often a few hours before – so it is important for proper hydration and nutrition strategies to be in place without the need for dangerous strategies like sweat suits and dramatically reducing food and water intake before weighing in which can compromise both health and performance. Pete provides constant nutritional support and advice in preparation to make sure I am as strong as possible for my weight category, fully-fuelled for both training and competitions and carry out proven scientifically supported strategies daily and before/after weigh ins so I am fully prepared for when I come to fight. Pete and everyone at QN are very knowledgeable, experienced and apply their extensive, invaluable knowledge to the individual and their specific situation to create a bespoke plan to achieve outlined goals. Pete not only tells you what you need to do but guides and teaches you through it so you learn and constantly get more knowledgeable yourself, so you can adapt to whatever comes your way in the future.From working with Pete nearly every day for years I can say that he’s not just a great nutrition mentor but has become a great friend as well. I couldn’t recommend him and the QN team more! If you’re serious about your sport and performance, then make sure to get in touch with QN because they’re second to none.

– Active edge Race team

I started with Qualified Nutrition in early May 2020. I had an initial call with Charlie where we went in depth about my current lifestyle, training and nutrition. It had always been in my mind I was under fuelling, but I didn't know how to turn it around alone. Within the first week I was seeing clear strengths and progression in my riding, I was feeling much stronger on the bike and livelier off the bike, better than ever before. Charlie is very understanding of every aspect in my training and always on hand to help, I honestly can't thank him enough

– IFBB Pro

I first met Pete in 2014 as an aspiring bodybuilder with a thirst for knowledge and the dedication to achieve. In 2015 Pete asked me to prep him for his first bodybuilding show. Over the next 3 years Pete acquired a master’s degree in nutritional sciences and our relationship changed into a friendship of mutual respect. In 2018, on the eve of my biggest challenge to date, I asked Pete to help me prep towards my IFBB Pro card. This for me was a huge decision as I'd prepped alone for the vast majority of my 12-year career. Having the knowledge to help beginners is something most coaches have, but to help someone close to the top with vast experience takes a special kind of coach, one with specialist knowledge, but also a great understanding of how athletes think and man management to get the best out of someone. Nutritionally I took a few new approaches and was also held accountable for everything we did. I'd recommend Pete to anyone but those athletes who might need an extra % they think they might have trust me he will find more.

Thanks Pete and soon we will prep for that Olympia qualification!

– Para cyclist
GB Foundation squad

I was introduced to Charlie just before Christmas 2019. 

My goal was to drop weight in order to increase my watts per kilo on the bike.

I’m a para cyclist trying to break into the GBCT first team. I have tried to diet in the past with some success but wasn’t quite able to get rid of those extra few kilos.

With Charlies help within 4 months I hit my first goal. Doing this while training hard and putting in a good plan of fuelling around my training to get the best out of me for each session. Something which I had never incorporated into my training before. And as a result, power numbers have gone up and my weight has come down. Without the input from Charlie and his expert knowledge I wouldn’t have achieved what I have in such a short period of time.

The support and encouragement has been incredible and I’m sure with Charlies help I’ll achieve my target weight, increase my power numbers again and break into the GB first team.

– GB Para-Triathlete

Pete worked closely with me through the time he was at British Triathlon. He was really approachable and easy to talk to, never passed judgment on what my original nutrition ways were. He understood my goals, so he was able to add and takeaway what was needed and not needed in my current diet without changing anything too drastically to fit in with my daily routine, and to keep me fuelled for my sessions. The best way for me to work with a nutrition plan is ease, and that’s what Pete gave me.

- Personal Trainer

I was told by my gastroenterologist to go on a low FODMAP diet to help work out the causes of GI issues. Charlie from Qualified Nutrition has been helping and guiding me since January 2020 as I found the diet complicated and especially while training for an ultramarathon. Charlie’s style of nutritional coaching has ensured I’ve been accountable and stick to the low FODMAP diet even when I have a large workload and other stresses in life. Through Charlie’s coaching, I’ve learnt how to manage my symptoms while also ensuring I’m eating well and enough and also fuelling correctly for training sessions and races


Pete has been a crucial support mechanism in both my sporting and professional career, ensuring I’m always competing at my optimum level around crucial games and pre-season activities whilst always remaining fit and healthy for day to day life. His expert guidance and advice regarding food, weight loss and performance has not only allowed me to perform at my peak consistently, reaching the England Universities Football Squad consecutively for three straight years but has also enhanced my mental performance by constantly pushing me and always demanding more. Pete’s drive and passion in wanting to see me develop and grow is a huge influence on the year on year improvements that I have made and I can’t thank Pete enough for the dedication and effort that he’s put in to improve me as an athlete and person. Pete’s availability at all hours to answer any burning questions and his unparalleled knowledge is why I wouldn’t trust anyone else with ensuring I’m performing at my peak.

- Mother

I highly recommend Charlie at Qualified Nutrition. I always thought I could do it by myself if I put my mind to it and with the help of weightloss supplements but unfortunately, I was wrong. When I finally reached out to Charlie for help when I was at my lowest, he was amazing and delighted to help me turn my health and weight around and he really did. I honestly can't thank him enough for this. He showed me and coached me how and what to eat correctly using his very easy program and his nutritional knowledge.

 He video called me once a week to keep me on track and it worked amazingly. I have lost 17kg and I am getting myself back to where I want to be, which is all thanks to Charlie. I can't recommend him highly enough.

- Bikini Fitness Competitor

I've known both Pete and Charlie for many years and studied with them at university, so when it came to choosing  a coach I knew exactly where to look: Qualified Nutrition! I have seen first-hand the determination, hard work and care that they both have when it comes to their work, so I trusted them 100%. I worked with Pete in my off season and my diet before competing, and it made the whole process so much easier! Pete is a truly amazing coach. He listens to everything I have to say and always takes into considerations my lifestyle and personal needs when it comes creating my training and nutrition plans, making them work perfectly for me!

He always checks up on me and I can tell that he genuinely cares about the answer. 

They know what they're doing. They care about YOU. They are the best in the business!!

- Teacher

Charlie has been a fantastic mentor and trainer. I joined QN having next to no experience of how to train, what equipment to use and what would best suit my needs in order to achieve my goals (weight loss). Charlie sat with me and discussed my motivations and what my goals were and using our discussion he created a tailored plan for me based on my motivation and commitment that would help me to achieve the goals that I’ve set out. I was given ideas as to what foods would be the best to integrate into my diet to combine a good mix of diet and training to achieve my goals. The best thing about this was that I wasn’t told what meals I needed to eat each, but had the freedom to choose what foods I would want to use in my own meals.

Not only is Charlie extremely personable and easy to get on with, he makes pushing yourself and staying motivated highly achievable as well as fun at the same time. He’s walked me through form and technique for every exercise that I’ve done, ensuring that I don’t move on till the form is correct, whilst also not holding me back if I quickly picked up form. Charlie has always made himself available to me, just a text away and checks in to see how my progress is going and how I’m feeling in general about things. He’s a great motivator and has been one of the key reasons behind why I’ve stayed motivated and committed to my plan. To date, I’ve lost a stone and feel so much better physically and mentally about my body image and the foods which I’m putting into my body. I hope to continue this weight loss journey as Charlie has shown me it’s no quick, but it’s a lifestyle change that benefits both physical and mental wellbeing massively. I can’t thank Charlie enough for his advice, knowledge, encouragement and commitment to my journey.

- Natural Bodybuilder

I have worked with Pete since the start of 2020 and since then I couldn’t have asked for much more from him. Since working with him he has inspired me to compete in the UKDFBA Amateur Bodybuilding Championships in September and I couldn’t be more excited about competing. He has created personalised training and nutritional programmes for me to follow and is never more than a WhatsApp message away. He allows flexibility on both the nutritional and gym side of things and considers my personal preference over his scientific methods. Since wanting to compete, Pete has also helped me with the mandatory bodybuilding poses critiquing me and building my confidence on them. 

On a personal level Pete is an inspiring, level-headed, honest friend and will give you more than what you would ever expect from a coach and friend. He is supporting with whatever your goals might be and will personally invest himself in your own journey to allow you to achieve it. He is always on-top of updating my programmes and keeps in contact even on the off days.

I really couldn’t imagine doing my prep with anyone else and couldn’t thank him enough for everything he has helped me with along the way. Couldn’t recommend his service enough!


I started working with Charlie in a bid to lose some stubborn body fat as I’d seemed to hit a dead end with my weight loss. What I achieved with Charlie’s help was far more than this! Having someone hold me accountable and adjust my diet and exercise to suit me has led to me being in the best shape I’ve been in, in years! Each workout was tailored to my ability and, most importantly, exercises I actually enjoyed. I have learned a lot from Charlie. He guided me through everything step by step, answering any questions I had. His tips on diet and nutrition are excellent and his dedication is clear. Can’t recommend Charlie enough... he’s done more than help me lose weight, he’s helped me change my lifestyle.


I approached Qualified Nutrition as I wanted to lose 10kg effectively and safely.

Qualified Nutrition helped me by creating a tailor-made diet plan that could easily be followed and maintained.

The results were incredible, I reached my target weight and developed lifelong skills that changed my attitude towards food in ways that encouraged sustainable healthy eating habits.

What I liked was how the program could be reviewed and tweaked throughout the journey, Pete was great at keeping in touch and encouraging me, he was always at the end of the phone should I need him, nothings was too much trouble.

I found the experience simple, easy and with the help from Pete and the team kept me focused and enabled me to achieve my goal

– Personal Trainer

Highly recommend Charlie from qualified nutrition, very professional about his work, has great knowledge on nutrition & training, keeps you accountable & motivates you to reach your goals!

- Bikini Competitor

I've been working with Pete since December 2019, fast forward to May 2020 and I can hand down say it's the best move I've made in my fitness journey. Pete is my second coach, you don't just get a coach. You get emotional support, someone to make you laugh when you feel low. If you slip up, it's okay and you'll figure it out and why it happened together. He put his heart and soul into his clients, I don't think I would have made it this far through prep without him. For a bikini competitor, he perfect as he's been there. He knows what the judges are looking for, looking at your diet and recommending the right supplements and nutrition.  If you're struggling, he's only a phone call away. This journey has been far from dull as he mixes it up to always keep it interesting. Since working with Pete I've not only progressed towards my fitness goals and stepping on stage, but Ive grown as a person and my mentality towards dieting has changes completely. It's totally thanks to Pete, his expertise and positive encouragement. Thanks Pete! I couldn't be prouder to represent QN on stage.

– Rally Driver

I came across QN on Instagram. I DM'd Charlie and it grew from there. At the start I was a novice gym user, Charlie spent the time sending me tutorial videos of how to complete the exercises and followed up with regular video technique analyses. Previously I had been doing workouts but I could never build up strength. With Charlie's help and nutrition advise all that changed. Charlie and I are 100's of miles apart and I questioned how all the online coaching would work but it's actually excellent and I have freedom to use whatever gym I want. Charlie is always at the end of the phone if I have any questions. My plan is based around car racing. Charlie spent a lot of time listening to my struggles on events and tailored a package to me. When all the gyms started closing due to COVID-19 Charlie was quick to change my training so it could all be done from home. I couldn't recommend QN  enough.

- Rugby Player

I have known Pete for many years now and followed him through his career from Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree to now running his own business. I have always wanted to be more defined as I’ve been a bigger lad all my life. I’ve always been an avid member of the local gym so thought I just couldn’t get any slimmer/ leaner without losing my muscle weight. I was stuck in a rut of depression and self-loathing so, having seen Pete’s success throughout the years, I reached out to my old pal for guidance.

The help and support I gained from Pete was second to none. His professional attitude along with scientific knowledge helped me fully understand how to successfully lose weight and keep it off! Every week we would have regular video chats to discuss how everything had gone and plan for the upcoming week. Within four months I was seeing amazing results, leaner, greater definition, abs, all without losing my muscle mass or strength. One thing that massively helped was the fact that Pete is flexible with food. I love food, hence why I was big, but Pete allowed me to eat what I wanted providing I was in certain calorie, protein and fat ranges. His knowledge on exercises to fit all needs is unbelievable. I play rugby and Pete suited my plan around this allowing me to perform at my peak on a Saturday.

I really can’t explain enough the happiness and enthusiasm Pete has for each of his clients, I don’t think he’s ever down hearted! I would definitely recommend Pete to anyone as he is one of a kind in the fitness world!


I have been working with Charlie for 2 months, and in that time I have comfortably lost 4kg (8-9lbs) using the plan set out for me, and by increasing my daily training. Charlie is very professional, supportive and has extensive knowledge in Nutrition and training. 

I was given attainable macro and calorific goals, which were set by my current weight, goal weight and activity levels, that I can record daily on a google tracking sheet. This is the first time in a very long time that I have stuck to a new lifestyle change, created a healthy relationship with food, and enjoyed meal prep. The goals set out are attainable, create good habits and in the long run create better health. Charlie checks in regularly on how you are, he will ask for an update on how you felt your week has been including food intake, sleep, mood and energy levels. Changes can be made to a plan, and food swaps and options can be given if you get stuck. The plan is suitable for all dietary needs, but most importantly I have been able to choose foods that I enjoy, and this has been the most refreshing part of working with Charlie. I can’t thank Charlie enough for supporting me to keep working towards my goals, and I look forward to seeing continued results.

-Crossfit Athlete

Getting Pete to be my nutrition coach was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made - both physically and mentally. When I started with Pete I knew I wanted to shift some weight, partly so I felt more comfortable in my body and partly to help my performance in CrossFit - over just two months we’ve achieved so much more than I anticipated. I didn’t go hungry, I felt well fuelled for my workouts and I never felt like I was running on empty (a feeling I assumed was just part and parcel of dieting).

It wasn’t really about tricks and quick fixes, Pete coached me into a whole new mindset where I was able to always (ok maybe 90% of the time) stay focussed on my end goal. He shared his knowledge and educated me on the areas where my insta-based research seriously lacked. He helped me stay accountable and quickly learnt where my weaknesses were likely to be (and how to overcome them). He talked me through the weekend plans and spontaneous outings to help me not see them as “going off plan”, but a necessary part of my week to keep me sane and happy. 

Most importantly, Pete was a continued support for me. He was always on the other side of the phone, checking up on me, putting my mind at ease and helping me cope with the day to day challenges that life threw at me.

- Football Coach

I have learned a lot since working with Charlie and the QN team, not only did he set out to help me complete the workouts but he helped me understand why and how it helps. Really taking his time with coaching me as a person not just telling me to go and do X, Y and Z. I achieved my first goal with Charlie last year “shredding” and loved every second of it. He has been available whenever I’ve needed him and great at keeping my mind set on my goals even through my very hectic lifestyle. I am based in the USA and this hasn’t been problematic at all. We have worked around the time difference to ensure we have our updates and recaps as he would with any other client, I’m sure. I am now on my “bulk” and it is incredible watching how my body reacts to workouts and the nutrition provided, I am excited to see the final stages of this cycle already.

– University Student

Pete has exceeded all my expectations as to what a great coach can be, increasing my knowledge in health and nutrition with 24/7 availability and support. Working with Qualified Nutrition has helped me since 2017 to apply the knowledge to fit with my everyday life while moving at my pace and pushing me where necessary. I cannot thank Qualified Nutrition enough for what they have done!

– Rally Driver

Working with Charlie has been fantastic; his knowledge of nutrition is second to none. With his 1-1 guidance I was able to greatly improve my performance and weight loss goals by utilising flexible dieting and targeted exercises for my sport

URSULA DAVIS – Powerlifter

Pete did more than help me achieve my weight loss and body re-composition goal, through his professional and thoughtful conduct Pete guided me through every stage of my journey making sure I knew exactly what I was doing and why. Pete is incredibly empathetic, and knows his stuff, I had every confidence in us as a team in achieving the goal we had set. During my time with Pete my confidence grew and my performance soared, I would highly recommend Pete to anyone with any nutrition related goal.

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