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Peter James Bell

BSc Nutritional Sciences (Hons)

MSc Sport & Exercise Nutrition

English Institute of Sport Performance Nutrition Intern

Competitive Bodybuilder


Hey, I’m Pete, the founder of Qualified Nutrition! Over the years I have been able to accumulate both the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to help others achieve their goals, whether that be to alter body composition, improve performance or just optimise health!

I have a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Nutritional Sciences, in which I graduated with a First Class Honours and was awarded student of the year. I am currently studying for a Master of Science Degree in Sport and Exercise Nutrition at Loughborough University, where I will further develop my skills as a performance nutritionist.

about us

Qualified Nutrition is here to provide you with an evidence-based approach to nutrition and training to manipulate body composition, improve performance and optimise health.
We are able to create professional, individualised plans tailored to your specific needs. We believe in flexible dieting to suit individual preferences in order to improve adherence and maximise results.

Remember, just because something works for one person, it does not mean it will work for you!

We regard client education as a top priority. Our online coaching programmes focus heavily on educating the client about nutrition so they have a good understanding of the science behind their plans. The long-term goal is to develop a healthy relationship with food and one that is sustainable.  

With weekly articles and interviews you won't be short of valuable information to keep you up to date with what the scientific research says about nutrition and training! 


Marcus Burgess

Peter has helped me massively throughout my last 12 months at university. He not only helped me gain knowledge on what foods to eat to help enhance my sporting performances but gave me a clear insight on how to change my nutrition. Peter has wrote various plans for me throughout the year to help bulk/cut depending on my choice but to also help my sporting performances improve.

These plans not only helped me drop body fat, whilst maintaining and gaining muscle (shown by monthly BodPod results) but helped my football performances go up to the next level through new energy provided by Peter’s new nutrition plan and my season performances helped me gain international recognition for the England Universities Squad and one of the main factors was Peter’s nutrition helping me transform my outlook on how to eat and helping me recover and peak around the football schedule.


This wasn’t the only thing Peter helped me with, he also provided me with workout plans and weekly advice specifically around my footballing performance to again help improve my overall performances. I can’t thank Peter enough for all the support, advice and guidance he has given me over the last academic year.

Amy Clarke

I first met Peter last year though the university athlete scholarship programme – in which I chose to get help with my diet and nutrition as I was totally new to taking care of this aspect of my sporting development. Throughout my time knowing him, I have really found his knowledge and help invaluable. As someone who comes from a background with no insight into how food can affect my performance in sport, his information and help has been excellent. 

Playing rugby has always been a passion of mine and with the guidance of Peter, my performance has gone from strength to strength both on the field and off the field. Following his programme, I managed to gain an incredible 5kg of lean muscle mass, whilst simultaneously losing 2.1% of fat. Not only have the effects of a better diet been noticeable when playing, but they have also greatly impacted my personal life as I feel more confident and able, and I know without his help, results such as these simply would not have been possible. 

Due to our sessions and discussions being 1 on 1, I get very anxious when meeting new people and having to face them without anyone else around. Peter put all my nerves at ease from the very first time I met him, treating me extremely kindly and always having the time to listen to my problems if I have any regarding the programme. 

His depth of knowledge is outstanding. As mentioned, I personally have no knowledge of how diet affects people, however whenever I have a question or find out an alternative way of achieving my goals, he always has the time to sit me down and thoroughly explain what each term means and the effect it will have on my body and performance – whether it’s positive or negative. 

Meeting Peter in such a crucial stage of my athletic career has been a huge blessing. I will always regard him as one of the key figures who have helped me overcome problems with my diet and looked at efficient and reasonable ways to sort them out. His work hasn’t gone unnoticed; with friends, family and rugby coaches noting the changes within me not only physically, but mentally as his work has had such a positive impact on me. He is a credit to the diet and nutrition world, and his work means a lot to not only me, but I’m sure a range of other athletes too. 

Michael Mulvey

I have known Peter for two years since studying at Manchester Metropolitan University. As part of the university elite athlete scholarship programme, I received personal nutrition plans, advice and consultancy from Peter, as the point of call for athletes looking to enhance their nutrition. I also experienced body composition analysis with ‘Bodpod’ software to track my progress, and Peter planned my dietary intake to reach my goals and ultimately improve sporting performance. The support I received helped significantly in my preparations to ensure I performed optimally as an elite amateur boxer in a weight-restricted sport.


Separate to the scholarship programme, I have decided to continue personal and online consultations with Peter through his company, Qualified Nutrition. This is due to the support I receive being invaluable and contributing to a large extent to my improvement and success as an athlete, having reached the Senior Elite ABA Championships national finals. The opportunity to continue working with Peter allows me to receive the best support available, which I am hugely grateful for.

Peter has ensured my sports nutrition is always the best it can possibly be, with constant alterations to improve my overall training and performances, while being as strong as possible within my weight category.


Peter is always happy to help, going above and beyond expectations, providing insightful support and guidance. Peter provides in depth analysis and understanding of the advice he gives and has researched, for example through extensively knowledgeable audio recordings of important and interesting information, to enhance my personal nutritional education. He is always content and available to be contacted whenever needed, despite being extremely busy with a number of important, time-consuming commitments, such as studying his MSc degree at Loughborough University. This reflects Peter’s exceptional work ethic, attention to detail and willingness to give the best possible advice, contributing to his clients’ success. He is a highly motivated individual, and this transcends to people he works with, becoming more motivated and inspired to succeed as a result of his impressive interpersonal skills. His knowledge and personal characteristics make him a valuable asset to any organisation or individual looking to improve and strengthen their nutritional support base.


I simply can not thank Peter enough or praise him more highly for the support he continues to provide, his attitude and commitment when cooperating with myself, which has given me more confidence and has certainly benefited my preparations and sporting performances.