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Educate whilst entertaining. Leaving the audience inspired to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Inspire, motivate and educate your audience. Invite Qualified Nutrition to deliver an exceptional talk and provide your crowd with an unforgettable experience. Long gone are the days of boring Powerpoint presentations, instead, we captivate the listeners with informative, moving tales and passionate delivery.

  • Empower your audience with evidence-based nutrition

  • Inspire them to adopt healthy lifestyles

  • Ignite a hunger for personal self-development

  • Thrilling and passionate delivery

‘As a member of our Alumni, I invited Pete to come and speak to our undergraduate students about his career. I know they found his talk to be of immense value; it was absorbing, factual, honest and inspirational. I have no doubt that it prompted them to think about their own career paths differently and, most importantly, to believe they could achieve the goals they aspired to.’   

Anne Turner

– Principle Lecturer: Food and Nutrition at Manchester Metropolitan University

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