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Lose fat or build muscle with evidence-based practice and accountability

There is an approximated 90% failure rate of losing weight and keeping it off following a diet. In fact, the research suggests most people will even gain a few extra pounds from their initial weight before dieting. Why? Uneducated, unsustainable, poor dietary choices that ignore the individual’s needs.

Our body composition management service provides the client all of the necessary tools required to achieve their goal, whether that be to lose fat or build muscle. We take great pride in educating our clients and building trusting relationships, as we believe this to be key for long-term success. This service will provide you with:

  • Tailored Nutrition Plans

  • Advanced Dietary Analysis

  • Periodised Training Programmes

  • Exercise Technique Analysis

  • Weekly Assessments & Bespoke Modifications

  • Daily Support, Motivation & Accountability

  • Mobility & Injury Prevention Strategies

  • Scientifically Supported Supplementation

  • Lifestyle & Habit Formation

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